2.3" 6-Digit PoE Clock with Date/ Text


• Case: Metal in Black or White

• Size: 43cm*15.5cm*6.3cm, Weight: 2kg

• Display: 2.3” digit (56mm character), 8*8 dot matrix(38mm high)

• Viewing Distance: 50 feet - 15 meters

• Mounting Options: pendant, cantilever, surface



• Can display date or text

- Maximum static text display: 13 characters

- If text is over 13 characters, choose to roll, or alternate

 Time is automatically set by Simple Network Time Protocol(SNTP)- no master clock or serial connection required.

• Uses PoE ( Power over Ethernet) for easy installation and operation

• Static IP or DHCP addressing

• Display time in 12 or 24 hours format

• Supports any time zone.

• Supports countdown function

• Automatic Daylight Saving Time

• Environmentally friendly: the light intensity of the digits is adjustable by the software

• Provides NTP server configuration.

• If connection to NTP server is lost the clocks will continue to run on the built-in time base. When the connection is restored it will synchronize automatically.

• Can be single sided ( has one display screen) or double sided ( has two display screens)

• Mounting options: pendant, cantilever, surface

• Alarm Function is optional

Temperature & Humidity display is optional